Just an interesting article on the history of the Ethernet

Today’s entry isn’t someone else’s code, which I haven’t used for a few days. Today all I have is an article by¬†Steven Vaughan-Nichols titled

The birth and rise of Ethernet: A History

I am not as much interested in the ubiquitous Ethernet as in its fascinating history. This is a most interesting telling of the rich history of the network and its inventor, by Vaughan-Nichols is well worth a read, not only for those interested in Ethernet itself, but also those interested in all networking, and most people using computers today, as nearly all LANs are Ethernet at present.


Using DI, Logging, and Configuration in a .NET Core Console App

Yesterday set about building a small, Core Console Application that does some data access. A very early challenge for me was how to store my connection string. I’m used to ASP.NET Core work, where the configuration is set up in the Startup class, but a plain old console app starts out none of that sweet infrastructure.

I set about frenzied Googling for anything, and it was a good day for me because I found Chad Ramos‘ article titled:

Dependency Injection, Logging and Configuration In A .NET Core Console Application

It is a very simple, three-step tutorial, very readable and with a single, code example used across all three steps. Chad includes a link to a very readable and neat example if you want more than his code excerpts in the article. It may be easier to just use his code as a startup template for such projects.

It has one small problem in that you can’t e.g. reference a class and call a method from another project because the startup code won’t have run, but this is very rare with console apps.

I am so impressed I’m going to make a project template for Core console apps ready to go, with DI, Configuration, and Logging.