About Erisia

Erisia is my nom de guerre. It is named after Eris, the Goddess of Chaos. So many information systems, computerised or manual, are centres of chaos, and I make order from that chaos.

My real name is Brady Kelly, and I am a freelance software and information specialist. This is my professional blog, and I have a very unprofessional but social one going live soon. I have some eighteen years experience mainly on the Microsoft stack, starting with – I think VB 3, and getting into data at the time of SQL Server version 7. I have expert C# and MS SQL skills, with a few years experience in everything Microsoft.

I have some proficiency in Linux platforms, and have learned and used C and C++, but not for some time. Right now I am aiming to master the Python language, and Angular 2 framework in TypeScript, which is Beauty herself as a scripting language. I think Angular 2 will revolutionise everyday web development, and enable truly effective and beautiful web sites, with very neat insides.

If you would like to know more about what services I offer, check out the services page, and to contact me, leave a comment on any post or page, or register and use the Contact page to find my contact details.