Services Offered

What can Erisia’s information and computer expertise can do for you, your small business, or any organisation, such as clubs, teams, schools, churches, lodges, etc?

1. Build completely customised private and public web sites. The are of outstanding quality and employ some of the world’s tightest security measures.

2. Build high quality customised desktop and client-server software, where your data is stored on your premises. Then help you set up a backup schedule to keep that safe, in case of theft or damage to you computer.

3.Consult on, procure, and install bought software, where what you need is already available. There is no point taking time to write software when it can be bought, or is even available free.

4. Expertly customise open source software programs, that are free and easily available, instead of using expensive custom or bought software.

5. Convert and manipulate data for any requirements you have, such as transferring data between different programs.